BikeMarshals North West Region



Are you looking for Motorcycle Marshals for event coverage in the North Western Region of the UK?

Midlands Bike Marshals has now partnered with colleagues that cover for events north of our Midlands border and offer the same valuable service with a trained and experienced group of members.

Led by the group’s long standing member Barrie Green  who recently took lead role in place of former founder member Mark Anson you can be sure you’re in good hands. Offering fully marked up Motorcycles and same high levels of rider abilities as MBM its no doubt that BikeMarshals NW have the knowledge and understanding to see a professional and efficient job is performed. 

 BikeMarshals NW was first founded way back on 2002 and over the years has gained an enviable reputation for providing safety cover aiding public events both on a charitable level and commercial level 

It is a combination of both high level rider skills along with efficiency and professionalism that made Bikemarshals NW the obvious choice for Midlands Bike Marshals to work more closely on a pro-active level and effectively partner together to give a wider expansion to the ever growing need for such marshalling groups. 

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