About Us

Midlands Bike Marshals Strategic Framework



  • Safer Roads, Reliable Journeys, Informed Travellers During Events
  • Travelling With Confidence


  • Safer Passage For All During Public And Private Events Taking Place On The Road Network.
  • To Reduce Risk Of Injury Or Death
  • To Preserve Life


  • To Deliver A High Quality Service To All Our Customers By:
  • Improving Road Safety
  • Making Journeys More Reliable
  • Providing Better Information
  • Respecting The Environment
  • To Ensure More Effective Delivery Through Better Working Relationships.
  • To Implement Best Practice And Innovative Solutions To Improve Service
  • Now And In The Future To Be A Good Service Provider.
  • To Be An Efficient Service Provider With Effective Business Processes And Resource Management Systems.


  • To Provide Services That Will Aid Awareness And Safety To All

Midlands Bike Marshals Aims and Goals


To seek to reduce the likelihood of disruption to road travellers caused by public events, processions and/or  Abnormal loads out on transport networks at the same time on similar routes

The objective between the Parties is to enable safety of  public  and closed roads network  to be planned in an efficient manner so as to help increase certainty of  safe passage for all.

The objective between the Parties is to enable lane closures with minimal disruption to daily traffic to support safety where required.
Agree a process by which both Midlands Bike Marshals and Event Organisers can plan for disruptive events not to unduly impact upon the others through sharing long term plans to ensure that events are planned to optimise traffic benefits and minimise disruption to road users and align respective strategies.